In a Nutshell, for those in a hurry…


Hi! My name is Hilary Rowland.

I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life — since I was a teenager.

Active Projects:

I launched the first ever online magazine back in 1994/95. It’s called Urbanette Magazine. Starting in 2013, Urbanette went into print (twice yearly). I founded Urbanette magazine when I was 14 years old because, as an equal rights activist, I wanted to help educate and inspire women on the critical issues of self-esteem and female leadership. In keeping with these goals, I decided to turn Urbanette into the first 100% volunteer-run magazine, and donate 100% of our profits to Women in the World Foundation, as the charity’s values and goals are exactly in line with ours.

Part-Time or On-Hold Projects:

In the mid-90’s I invented online casting and portfolios. New Faces® was the first portfolio or talent database online.  More than half a million models, actors and photographers added their portfolio to the site within the first five years. To this day it helps models and actors network and freelance.

In 2009, I started one of the first social enterprises on the scene, before people realized how effective it is to mix business with charity. I’m really happy that trend caught on! It’s called Project Migration and we sell fashion accessories and apparel to raise funds for water and medical supplies to aid those living in extreme poverty. It’s got some pretty cool supporters, like Sting, Richard Branson and Adrian Grenier.

In my spare time I’ve always had a passion for travel, so I started Pearls & Pocket Squares, which is a guest experience consultancy firm for luxury hotels and resorts.

Be The Kindness is a monthly Think Tank I started. I’m getting some of the greatest entrepreneurial minds in the country together to focus on innovative solutions to improve the lives of animals around the world. All ideas are welcome!

Past Projects:

For a while I also had a pop-up contemporary photography and art gallery in SoHo, NYC, called SoHo Loft Gallery. 100% of profits from the gallery went to fund the growth of Project Migration. To be honest, I had no idea it’d be so tough to sell photography! It was a fun venture though, and who knows – maybe it’ll pop-up again at some point. For now, it’s just online.

Future Projects:

As if all that wasn’t enough work, I’ve got a few other projects on the go (I’ll let you know when they launch)… I’m looking for Python programmers at the moment, so hit me up if you are/know one!

If you want more than that, I wrote a more about my life and career here.